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USA Trains F3A vs Aristocraft E8 – 1:29 G Scale Locomotive Size Comparison

Photo illustration of the difference in length between the Aristocraft E8 and the USA Trains F3. The E8 is 31in long vs roughly 21in of the USA Trains F3.  In real life, the E8 was 70ft long and the F3 was 50ft.

Aristocraft Union Pacific E8 ART23603 – G Scale Locomotive

Two three-axle ball bearing efficient power trucks
Two motors per truck with low amperage draw
Modular electrical connections and car body
Two operating smoke units
Lighted reversing headlights
Simulated “Mars Light” on some road names where appropriate
Interior cab lighting, number boards, and interior cab details
Operating marker and classification lights
Solid metal railings and lift rings
Clear plastic windows and opening doors
Super detailing, including windshield wipers, see through steps, and cooling fans
Extra weight for better performance
Operating AAR knuckle couplers
Prototypical painting, lettering, and road numbers
Quality water resistant speaker included (sound system sold separately)
Length 31 inches
Scale 1:29

Comparing Aristo-Craft ART-3104 Union Pacific Observation Passenger Cars

Differences in Aristo-Craft ART-3104 Union Pacific Observation Passenger Cars

I’m comparing the differences between three production years of the Aristo-Craft ART3104 Union Pacific Heavyweight Observation Passenger Cars. I currently have a model shipped in a black box with a manual dated from 1990, a blue box with a manual dated from 1995 and a yellow box from around the early 2000’s. All models are pretty much exactly the same apart from a few small details you actually have to get right down level with to see.